Introducing the Greenwood Router

Interest Rate Optimization for Borrowers

3 min readNov 15, 2021

The Greenwood Router reduces the interest that crypto borrowers pay on their loans by automatically borrowing from the lending protocol with the lowest rate. Between October 10, 2021 and November 10, 2021 there were over 3 billion dollars worth of crypto loans taken at bad rates. By using the Router, crypto borrowers always get the lowest interest rate in the market — without added gas costs or fees. Our goal is to build the tool of choice for the majority of cryptocurrency borrowers.

How it works

The Greenwood Router aggregates decentralized lending protocols on Ethereum to help crypto borrowers pay less interest on their loans. By doing the computationally expensive calculations off-chain, the Router can compare borrowing rates for nearly every lender without any gas costs or fees. When you’re ready to make a transaction, you interact with the lender’s smart contracts directly and transparently.

The Greenwood Router is a single interface for borrowing cryptocurrency

To use the Router you fill out the Borrow Form. This form tells the Router which asset you would like to use as collateral, how much collateral you want to deposit, and which asset you would like to borrow. This information is used to determine the lender that the requested transaction will be routed to. Once the loan details are received, the Router will:

  1. Check which lenders support the requested deposit asset and borrow asset
  2. Determine which lender has the lowest net rate accounting for pool utilization
  3. Execute the borrow with the lender that has the lowest interest rate
The Greenwood Router calculates the best rates for borrowing cryptocurrency

Looking ahead

We have recently announced Arbitrum support for the Greenwood Router, which is the beginning of our multilayer, multichain journey. Here’s a look at the next big items on our roadmap:

  • Net Rate Calculation: Know your true borrow rate by accounting for the interest you earn on your collateral — Complete!
  • Configurable Aggregation: Take complete control over which lenders you want the Router to include in its search
  • Loan Management: Access all the tools you need to manage your loans, directly from the Greenwood interface
  • Improved Borrowing Wizard: Borrow with confidence using estimated cost previews and step-by-step guidance


The Greenwood Router is designed to automatically minimize the cost of borrowing crypto so that you don’t have to do it manually. If you would like to get involved, then use the Greenwood Router and give us feedback! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to send us a message on Discord and be sure to keep up with new releases by following us @GreenwoodLabs.





Greenwood helps crypto borrowers pay less interest on their loans