Introducing Greenwood

The Automated Interest Rate Swap Protocol

WARNING: This protocol is no longer supported by the core Greenwood team. Please withdraw your assets. To stay up to date with our team, please follow us at Greenwood Labs and join our Discord if you have any questions.

Greenwood is an automated market maker for cryptocurrency interest rate swaps built on Ethereum.

Disclaimer; Greenwood V1 is unaudited. If you choose to interact with our smart contracts in any way, please do so with the understanding that your assets are at risk of being irreversibly lost.

You are probably losing money.

Traditional finance has largely solved this problem. In many parts of the world, you can just go to a bank for a fixed interest loan. That’s because banks use interest rate swaps to cancel out, and even profit from, the risks associated with offering fixed-rate loans.

So why don’t crypto owners have the ability to fix the interest rate payments on their existing variable-rate loans? We like to imagine a future in which people can take out a mortgage with their crypto assets. But, who is going to borrow $300,000 in DAI when interest rates change every day?

Greenwood was built to solve this problem.

Interest rate swaps for cryptocurrencies exist, but they aren’t great.

  • Custodial exchanges require you to trust that the exchange won’t lose or steal your assets.

You should always be able to lock your existing crypto lending and borrowing rates while keeping control of your assets.

Fixed-rate lending protocols haven’t solved the problem.

  • Expensive switching costs don’t allow borrowers to migrate their existing positions from competing floating-rate protocols. Transferring a loan from one protocol to another means repaying the original loan with interest.

You should have access to fixed or floating interest rates from multiple protocols based on your specific cryptocurrency lending and borrowing needs.

Automation is the key.

  • Our AMM is always willing to quote a rate for a swap, so you never have to wait for a counterparty.
  • Greenwood enables you to trade interest rate swaps on a wide range of assets across numerous protocols.

We’re here for the long haul.

If you’re ready to start trading you can access Greenwood V1 at If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions feel free to send us a message on Twitter @GreenwoodLabs, join our Discord, or email us at



Greenwood helps crypto borrowers pay less interest on their loans

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Greenwood helps crypto borrowers pay less interest on their loans