Introducing Greenwood

Jan 23, 2023


The AI-powered help desk for decentralized finance

Greenwood is the AI-powered help desk for decentralized finance

DeFi has a user adoption problem: the protocols are complicated, technical support channels are fragmented, and sources of professional advice are scarce.

Today’s DeFi users are expected to understand technical documentation, navigate Discord to receive customer support, and source investment advice from internet anons. This leads to an unacceptable user experience for most non-technical users.

Greenwood is a revolutionary way to interact with decentralized finance, giving users on-demand access to an ai-research assistant, technical support, and personalized advice. Greenwood will be essential to onboard the next billion users to decentralized finance.

Visit our website to learn more and about Greenwood and sign up for our waitlist to unlock the benefits of decentralized finance!

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Greenwood helps crypto borrowers pay less interest on their loans